Day 8. Sotes to Najera

The gateway to a small village, Sotes. This old door allows one to pray and reflect on Sundays. The door of the Iglesia was locked this morning. 

The Rioja wine region presents vineyards and wine marketing much differently from SoCo. We couldn't find any wine tasting along the Camino but I loved the vineyards and the occasional wall sign. 

A traveling Uke minstrel along the Camino. This image is for all my Uke friends. Walk the Camino with you Uke! 

Another classic vineyard shot with snowy mountains.  

These huts were once used by the vineyard 'crew' to spend the night (watching for frost and other weather conditions). 

A river runs through it; our end point for the day, Najera. 

Time for crochet and a beer. Our hiking experience has been fun and balanced leaving us energy to spend in the evenings exploring and food sampling.  

Caves in the side of the hill in town. In the beginning these caves were used for defense.

The ruins from an ancient castle in town. 

Close out of another great hike and village experience.