The Balanced Rock


Big Bend NP, March 3

 The ½ mile trail headed directly through a wash to what appeared to be a dead end. Once at the end a trail appeared that took us up a steep ledge along with some rock hopping to arrive at a gap that exposed a huge view to the south. We continued up the path for .2 miles to ‘discover’ a very heavy boulder wedged between two standing up rocks. Pretty spectacular.

As impressive were the rock formations looking down on the wash from the sides.

Many of the formations gave us images of men and women in thoughtful positions. We were both reminded of Native peoples stories of appreciation for the earth . . . . because their parents and grandparents and friends and families all became that earth after their deaths.  I was also reminded of my commitment to be as light on this earth as I can and to pay attention to all the subtleties displayed in nature at every turn in my path.

We arrived back to our car near sunset. Our drive on the gravel road back to came was filled with a beautiful backdrop of color and a big exclamation point for the day. 

The next morning we left the park and headed to Austin, the end of a great introduction to Southwest Texas.