Lost Mine Trail; Another Camino training hike.

Big Bend NP, March 3

 We had been forewarned by our campsite neighbors that the hike was straight up for two and a half miles and then down for two and a half miles ….. and without much shade. Our neighbors were exhausted after the hike.  Our version of the hike confirmed it’s moderate designation and was a fine hike but not a great hike. The vistas at the top of the mountain were definitely spectacular in distance and layers of mountains. But the trail was not interesting, other than the views.  We did spot a white chested big bird, originally identified by other hikers as a white hawk.  At the visitors center, Franny talked with the rangers and identified it as, likely, a peregrine falcon.  The bird was huge, with a fluffy white chest.

Trail titles must be an art. In this case the opportunity to search for a lost mine provided the incentive to take the hike. But the memories from the hike came from bird sightings and incredible vistas.

So goes this journey, now closing out on it’s fourth week.  The trailhead name may have been 6 Month Travel Adventure but the experiences have created many reflective opportunities and has ‘pinged’ my soul with potential interests for me to pursue in the coming years.