Investigating Big Bend NP

February 28-March 2

 Campground at Chisos Basin to Castolon + visitor center/store + Cottonwood then to Santa Elena Canyon Overlook & Trail;

Then heading back first to Dorgan House Trail, Cottonwood campground for lunch, Tuff Canyon overlook and walk, Burro Mesa Pouroff, a turn out or two, and then to camp.

Bird sightings included (though not positive) Phinapepla, Praluchia, black throated sparrow, ruffus sided sparrow, little flitty brown birds, cliff swallows, Turkey Vultures.

The Santa Elena Canyon trail followed the Rio Grande River.  The river ran shallow and about thirty feet below us. Half way across the river was Mexico. As I looked across to Mexico I looked up a steep canyon wall looking for cliff swallows.  We walked to the end of the trail that dropped us down to the river and gave me an opportunity to touch this amazing river in an incredible mountainous desert.

The mountains in this area are pretty much free of communication signals, for phones & messaging or internet.  How many years ago did I begin using the internet? And now many fewer years have I used a smart phone? 

Iā€™m noticing the hi-tech communication withdrawals associated with camping, hiking and living in an environment with no telephone service and very limited internet service.  Maybe this is one of my hopes for this 6 month adventure; to reduce my internet usage? Some of my friends used the internet freely during their pilgrimages through Spain. I clearly want to maintain communication to nurture relationships.  But do the electronic communicating as I can and let the rest of the time be as it will.