Getting Along with Franny



Four weeks on the road.

 We’ve been on the road for nearly 4 weeks.  Half of that time we have camped primitivo, with just the bare essentials . Nearly all of that time we have been together.  How are we doing?

Traveling with Franny provides me with an extra set of eyes for finding destinations and an extra mind for making decisions.   Franny is great company and very observant. She points out many interesting sites, birds, natural conditions as we drive or walk towards the East Coast.  Her companionship never leaves me lonely and I’m able to grab alone time whenever I need it.

I never tire of her, really. Though I do like my alone time . . . . from time to time. Yesterday on our 8 hour Camino training hike, I walked alone for a couple miles, with only intermittent check-ins to be sure Franny was injury-free.

In the evenings, after a few games of backgammon, some stargazing, and hygiene stuff, we lay on our blow-up mattress; Franny reading and me, writing.