Busy Hands, Happy Heart

Catskills, Late March 2016

 I just decided that I need a craft project while on the Camino. Since I often travel my little 11 inch MacBook Air (for blogging and finance projects), the computer should have a protective cover.  I chose needlepoint rather than embroidery because of the firmness of needlepoint fabric. Based on the weight of my backpack I decided to leave the laptop behind for this portion of the adventure. 


I sketched out a design for the needlepoint. I included, 1) a scallop shell; a symbol of the Camino pilgrimage, 2) 4 meaningful sights from this adventure (so far I’ve identified two. I’m find the other two on the Camino) and 3) a relaxing background of a sun setting, water and earth. The coloring will likely change as I begin stitching. After viewing a painting at the Whitney Museum in NYC, I’ve already begun changing the sunset shading.  The painting is entitled Railroad Sunset by Edward Hooper.


A needlepoint & embroidery supplies store sat nestled along side Kauneonga Lake a 20-minute ride to the west.  I received expert advice from the in-store crafter and walked away with 10 thread colors and needlepoint fabric.

We visited with a new Catskills friend yesterday. She’s a clothing designer working out of a rustic barn in a small town, Sundown, near Grahamsville (where we are staying).  She gave me all the necessary fabric and zipper to build the laptop sleeve.

I’ve decided to sew up the case and attach the needlepoint fabric before I leave for Spain. So today I’m sketching out a plan for sewing the sleeve together.  What fun!