Another Awesome Hike

Peekamoose Mountain, Catskills

 I’m settling into enjoying a raining day. The birds and squirrels remain busy as I plan a day filled with reading, writing and crafting.

Franny and I are routinely massaged when in Sebastopol.  However, while on the road we have been massage negligent.  But over the past couple days we’re catching up! The incentive resulted from sore leg muscles after a ‘killer’ (intermediate to strenuous) hike up Peekamoose Mountain.  The hike, 3.5 miles one way with an elevation gain of 1,500 feet, followed the incline through a partly shaded trail of leafless beech, sugar maple and birch trees.

Blanketing the surfaces of large boulders at the upper elevations, moss cheered us on.  Turns out that the mountain's name, Peekamoose, was a misspelling of the word moss. So I suppose the mountain would be properly called Peekamoss.  I have no story for the Peeka portion of the name.

Our first mountain to climb on the Camino will occur on day one.  The climb will be approximately 750 feet over 2.5 miles while the descent will be over just 2 miles.  Based on our practice hikes here and in Big Bend National Park and the Madera Canyon in southern Arizona our legs are working fine, We're now days away from departing for Madrid and good to go.