Cold Weather Training for the Camino


March 19, 2016

 Pamplona Hi 48, Lo 37

Burgos Hi 46, Lo 30

LeonHi 54, Lo 30

I gotta believe the temperatures along the Camino will warm up in a couple weeks, but maybe by only a few degrees.  During our 7 week walk the temperatures will rise to a comfortable level. 

I’m looking on the bright side and I now appreciate that the temperatures will be cool during the early weeks of our 9 am-2 pm daily hike.  Of the 500-mile trek, the first half of the trek holds the most altitude gains and losses.  We’ll go through days where we gain and lose 1,000 feet over a few miles.  Cooler temps will be a good thing. By the time the temperatures rise we’ll be on flatter terrain and in shape from our daily walks.

To practice for the cold March weather in Spain we drove from Washington DC to the NY Catskills to visit Franny’s sister and brother-in-law. Over the past few days we’ve walked through light snow flurries and icy cold temperatures. The average temperatures have been Hi 41, Lo 21.

Yesterday we hiked five miles in a couple hours on Walnut Mountain in Liberty, NY.  The elevation gain was probably only 500 feet but the trail overlook offered a view of several nearby lakes to the southwest.  We started out at 11 a.m. with an air temp around 37.  My half gloves offered no immediate protection for my fingers. After about 2 miles of brisk walking I warmed up. In that same time period the temperature rose to 41!

The crisp air added highlights to the dense woods of deciduous narrow trucked trees.  The landscape’s color palate of grays and light browns blended with the moist swirly sky.  Dried leaves laid lightly on the path giving me a chance to scuff my feet and remember a time or two many years ago.

Just walk. No need to over think, plan the next meal, reflect on a past turn in my life or try to influence my soul’s desires.  Just walk.