Fast Forward One Week

Sifting through highlights, Washington DC. March 14, 2016

 After Austin our next planned destination was Hendersonville, NC, a 1,200-mile drive. We drove long two long days with a stop over in Biloxi, MS.  Besides holding a strip of casinos, the city is filled with history and quaintness.

Every destination during this week included a visit with dear friends or family.  Our friends Alan and Nancy built a beautiful home and horse ranch on the edge of the Dupont State Forest, just outside of Hendersonville, NC.  Alan and I shared stories in a Sebastopol men’s group for 15+ years and their daughter went to Franny’s preschool twenty something years ago. Catching up with old friends is all fun.

While in that area we took the 45-minute drive to Asheville, NC and visited another young, old friend Ben. He’s a coffee roaster, Donut shop owner and a guy on a mission to touch many souls and explore many ways to serve his world.  He walked us around downtown Ashville, ‘the Paris of the South’, a very vibrant city of 200,000.  Along with exploring their microbrewery district, we also sampled tasty chocolates and weaved in and out of hip shops and entertaining pedestrians. We will return for another visit.

Next stop, Wilmington, NC & Morehead City, NC.  My younger sister, along with her husband, moved to Wilmington to be closer to their two daughters.  Our friends and family always find beautiful places to live; it’s amazing and yet not amazing at all.  When folks move their lives in their later years they usually do it with purpose, clarity and choice.  Visits with family are always rewarding; revisiting history and sharing a subtle connection that is fluid and deep.  We stayed a couple days, testing out a local fish restaurant and enjoying coastal wetlands.

We then arrived at our dear friends’ home in Bethesda, MD. Our time in DC this trip offered new experiences for us including a walk around the monuments under the nearly blossoming cherry trees.


Our visits were always entertaining, thought provoking and energetic. Rain has appeared which will make for good museum weather and other visits with other old family friends in the DC suburbs over the next couple days.