Walking with 28 Birders on Anza Trail.

Tubac, AZ,  February 23.

I walked with 28 birders, wearing sunglasses and no binoculars. I’m no birder.  

One of my ‘walk-aways’ (another version of ‘take-aways’) from the morning sport says bird watching is well suited to an elderly person. A person that can no longer hike moderately strenuous trails, or balance on slippery rocks in a swift current would be a good candidate. 

Another of my ‘walk aways’ was that many of the birders moved to the area as part of a retirement plan.  While I walked along I asked a couple guys (older, of course) how they ended up in Tubac, AZ.  The answer involved either family connections, past visits during holidays with friends and interests such as birding, warm weather, general location or cost of living.  I then asked them what activities keep them busy. One guy still works as a software programmer and lives in the area for 6 months each year. The other guy helped out in a family construction business for a few years until he retired and qualified for Medicare.

Neither missed past work lives, communities or activities. Both seemed genuinely satisfied with their transplanted lives.

I looked past the 28 birders; off past the mesquite brush, the dilapidated fences, the off and on again spring creek and a big brown mountain, wondering if I would ever make such a move.  I don’t know, and that’s ok!

Later that evening after enjoying a grilled grass-fed organic Arizona beef burger at our primitive campsite in Madera Canyon, I looked up.