Kartchner Caverns

Benson, AZ. February 24

 These warm, humid caves are just below the surface of a couple moderately sized hills with a saddle in the middle. Squeezing through a sinkhole in 1974 two college kids discovered an incredible underground world.  More squeezing and squinting with the use of carbide headlamps and dropping down steep inclines with ropes, dropping popsicle sticks to find their way back and other cave exploring gear led them to continue their explorations for several years. . . . in secret.  The secret slowly disintegrated, first shared with the landowners, then with politicians and news folks and politicians again.

At the end of a hour and a half tour, we sat in front of their Kubla Khan, a massive underworld structure built one drip at a time. Infused with chantingly inspired music and lights the treasures of limestone, water and time brought me to a pulsing stillness.

So curious, I later fished through stories about the two discoverers. One of them equated the squeezing through the sinkhole as reenacting the birthing experience.  To squeeze through a passage and come to life; that analogy settled into my soul (having just been wowed by such underground beauty.)


What do I do with this moment? 

By exploring, by adventuring, by never tiring in the chase; will I find my cavern? Has my Kubla Khan been forming in my soul, one drip at a time for 64 years? 

Have I worked hard enough to pass through my sinkhole and live in a soulful world? 

Have I already passed through the sinkhole and am I now exploring my cavern? 

Do I keep this exploration a secret until I am protected from outside influences?

Weaving tightly, nature and me become a daily friendship.