Border Check outside Yuma, AZ

February 22, Day 16/179

Beginning inVentura, CA every friend or family member we visited gave us a bag of citrus and/or avocados.  By the time we arrived at Tamarisk Grove we had a bushel basket full of tangerines, 3 types of oranges, giant limes, lemons, pink grapefruit and avocados.  From this bounty we created an orange avocado salad with red onion, garlic, Serrano peppers and fresh basil.  After we tired of that salad we mixed up a mean batch of guacamole.


As we crossed the California desert, our car’s scent reeked of citrus. The border check sign came on quickly and gave us no time to eat the remainder of our fresh citrus.  During the mile to the check point we talked ourselves down from the ledge, telling ourselves not to try and lie about not having fruit and also to accept the results of this fateful moment  . . . .  whatever the outcome.

We approached the stop, rolled down the window and said hello. The border patrol agent, a young man, asked us if we were both citizens of the U.S.  we said yes and he waved us on.

That night, last night, we set up camp in a primitive site in Madera Canyon. At our card table we mixed up a mean guacamole and reflected back at the rising full moon, confirming our joy in the moment and all our fateful moments.