On Visiting a Dear Longtime Friend

February 9. Carpenteria State Beach


Before catching up with friends in Ventura, I shared a sunset with a dear longtime friend who moved on to his galactic music tribe this past week.   Deep reflections come easier sharing a sunset. 

As I scanned the horizon out to the Channel Islands and waterfall shaped clouds, I enjoyed memories of a special friend and musician.  I hugged my pal; holding his lightness, humor and presence. 

How does one become so special to so many people? My friend had that charisma, that desire to ‘be a part of’, to perform, to be with others in warm spaces.  Flexibility also comes to mind. He could play any song that anyone asked for. I witnessed that flexibility and talent time and time again.

Be with our loved ones, be with our selves, be with the pounding waves, the quiet grottos, the pulsing current. Be here now.  Hours later as I drifted off to sleep, with stars ablaze and a cadence of surf, my ears fluttered with the sounds of my pal.