Being Prepared, or not. Adjusting.

February 10. Carpenteria State Beach, Day 2.

This camp stop turned out to be a good trial run for our equipment. First up, our pressure tube from the 5-gallon gas tank to the new stove didn’t work. The same tank and tubing worked just fine with the old stove. Oh well. So we fetched our backpack stove and boiled up morning coffee.  BTW, the old matches from the camp box had been stored in a shed through our minor El Nino. So now they’re damp and useless. My afternoon shopping list is growing.

I drained the car battery trying to charge all of our electronic equipment, so I’ll have to get a jump start in the morning. Don’t be upset if we have 12-24 hour gaps in communication. I’ll be interested to see how everyone gets ‘charged’ on the Camino.

Both Franny and I have found ourselves short on an article of clothing or two. Either the clothes will be delivered by Franny’s brother (who’s traveling down to SoCal) or they will be new purchases when we find an outdoorsy store.

The tent we brought, Franny’s favorite, will not withstand a rainstorm; the fly is too weak and ill-designed. With any sign of serious rain we’ll be checking into a lodge.

Our air mattress is holding up and the pump will be taking some new batteries at our next camping stop; in about a week’s time at Borrego Springs aka the Anza Borrego Desert. Hopefully we find a site at Palm Canyon or Tamarisk Grove.