Farmers Market. Tuesday in Ajijic, Mexico

This weekly farmers' market features organic produce and many prepared foods and medicinal products for the many Americans and Canadians who live in this town.  Ajijic has one of the largest populations of expats in the Western Hemisphere.  Seems like many of these folks prefer to eat out rather than cook for themselves, so they’re out in force in the markets and restaurants. In addition to the lively veggie and fruit stalls, long lines kept one particular prepared food vendor very busy. He offered many items from pot pies, to lasagna, to stuffed baked potatoes to fruit pies. So a week’s worth of good mainstream American food could be purchased from one enterprising chef.  Not to be overshadowed, other vendors offered more locally focused tamale, frozen fish steaks, sausage, various meat products, and dessert pies. Along with the Mexican vendors, many who traveled an hour from Guadalajara, some expats were selling products that they had made.

I was lucky enough to meet a local baker, Diana Suarez of Kukis Caseras who specializes in gluten free cookies; mi favorito!  Much like myself, she has started her business small and is allowing it to grow ‘organically’; adding new customers and deciding which ‘gold feathers’ to chase (holiday cookie gift boxes for companies to send out to vendors and employees, for example).  She’s currently relying on her vast well of energy, along with her father (from time to time) and one part-time employee.  We began a discussion, which I’m sure will continue, on how to grow a cookie business.  Her first challenge will be to expand profitably in Guadalajara. 

She’s young, excited and passionate.  I love her energy.  Learn more about Diana at