Baker of the Day

At a bus stop, in the small town of Jipijapa, known for its supply of toquilla for straw hats, stood a baker with his mobile unit; much smaller and more economical that your standard foodie truck. With him was his assistant (wife and general manager) and his tasty product, Pan de Almidón.

His oven, fueled with propane, sat on a metal cart and was covered with a light metal awning.  

Franny spotted them first and by the time I arrived they were making a fresh batch of these tasty little savory treats by; pressing dry-ish fresh cheese into the center of a small ball of pizza-like dough, and then palm-rolling the stuffed dough into balls. These balls were then arranged on a baking sheet


and pushed into the mobile oven.

How simple, how fresh, how lucky are the baker and his customers to have freshness and unique flavor baked and delivered so simply.