Harvesting and the GF Pumpkin Spice cookie

Huge autumn energy swirls around Sonoma County and everyone’s county; from huge pumpkins gussied up for blue ribbons to crispy air at dawn, we gather our harvests.  While checking in our friends I have found it’s been a great year for tomatoes; everyone’s canning tomato sauce and pasting figs. 

pumpkin group.jpg

Today I paid my annual visit to the pumpkin dude down the hill near one of the local CSAs.   He’s my go-to guy for sugar and princess pumpkins.  This year he’s trying a new winter squash varietal, cream acorn squash.  My wife is planning on a risotto with the cream squash and I baked off a sugar pumpkin for this Pumpkin Spice cookie test.

The three recipes that I selected all use the same sugar pumpkin.  Two of the recipes are fairly similar, though I think the tasters will come up with some differences; while the third recipe is billed as a sandwich cookie.  I’ll be constructing cookie sandwiches and individual cookies for each recipe.

baked pumpkin.JPG

Before baking the pumpkin, I scraped out the seeds, cleaned away the excess pulp from the seeds and then baked the seeds after mixing in a bit of olive oil and soy sauce. This is a very addicting snack and a good fall kick-off taste. 

After baking off the pumpkin, I scrapped out the meat and blended it thoroughly in a food processor.  The differences in proportions of ingredients is not as great as the with the Maple Pecan shortbread, but there are still some notable differences.

pumpkin spice numbers.png

While recipe #1 has equal percentages of butter and pumpkin recipes #2 and #3 have twice the proportion of pumpkin to butter.  As for sugar to flour proportions, recipe #1 as twice as much flour to sugar while the percentage difference decreases somewhat for recipe #2 and by quite a bit in recipe #3.


pumpkin graph.png
pumpkin spice in bags.JPG


Six more taster families received cookies today and comments are already coming in.  I baked off one test sample today to send off to a visiting friend of a friend, while all my other tasters will receive their test cookies early next week.  Stay tuned.


I sent the rest of the cookies out to seven taster families today.


Many comments have already been entered into this blog.  Tabatha's enthusiastic and festive family set up a beautiful tasting table to set the mood for some very serious palate work!


Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Cookies Tasting_10-21-13.jpg