A Great Maple Pecan shortbread cookie

Maple Pecan shortbread is a festive autumn cookie, especially when i use a maple leaf cookie cutter.  They always sold well throughout October and November and created lots of yums and smiles.  For this test i selected two gluten-free recipes. For the third recipe, I adapted my favorite gluten version.  

My ever faithful tasters have scored the three GF recipes and shared their highest scores for recipes #2 and #3. I reviewed the ingredients and the proportions of the winners and then rearranged them into a new GF Maple Pecan shortbread cookie. 

This new cookie has some of the delicate qualities of #2 and some of the caramel accent of #3. 

I would use the new recipe for any kitchen-to-table affairs such as family dinners or entertaining friends.  For postal travel i would use recipe #3.  Enjoy! 

new maple pecan recipe.png
maple pecan recipe instruction.png