Welcome to my test kitchen.

I love creating premium gluten-free (GF) cookies.  From the ingredients, to the portions of flours and starches and portion of flours to other ingredients, to the various mixing techniques and finally to baking times and temperatures; the creation of an excellent, premium GF cookie brings great satisfaction to the baker and appreciation from the recipients of those fine treats.

In my test kitchen I will be testing ingredients such as combinations of GF flours, various methods to include processed fruits in cookies, and combinations of spices and herbs.  I will also be testing mixing techniques, temperatures of ingredients and other components of creating a premium GF cookie.

I will publish the process and results of my tests in this blog.

From time to time, I can use my test kitchen to help you with your recipe; to correct a cookie that doesn’t hold it’s shape or crumbles too easily, for example.

I’m opening my test kitchen at the beginning of the holiday season. So I will start my tests with autumn cookies such as Maple Pecan shortbread and Pumpkin Spice cookies and follow with other December holidays.  Yeah, I love holidays!


Artwork by Melinda Levine

Artwork by Melinda Levine